Luthier CI


You can add PHP Debug Bar to your application thanks to the integration of Luthier CI with this fantastic tool.

Being a mainly development tool, it will be automatically deactivated in any environment other than development


The debugging capabilities of Luthier CI are disabled by default. To activate them, go to your application/config/hooks.php file and modify the Luthier\Hook::getHooks() method with the following:

# application/config/hooks.php

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

// (...)

$hook = Luthier\Hook::getHooks(
        'modules' => ['debug']

Debug Messages

To add debug messages, use the Debug::log() method:

use Luthier\Debug;

Debug::log($variable, $type);

Where $variable is the variable (or expression) to debug, and $type is the type of message, which can be info, warning or error:


# application/controllers/TestController.php

use Luthier\Debug;

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

class TestController extends CI_Controller
    public function index()
        Debug::log('Welcome to Luthier-CI ' . LUTHIER_CI_VERSION . '!');
        Debug::log('Hello world!','info');
        Debug::log('This is a warning, watch out!','warning');
        Debug::log('Oh snap! an error was occurred!','error');

The Debug::log() method accepts a $dataCollector third argument, which is the name of the data collector where the message will be logged:

Debug::log('Custom data collector','error','my_custom_data_collector');

If you need to store a message to be displayed in the following request (for example, after submitting a form) use the Debug::logFlash() method:

Debug::logFlash('Hey! this will be available in the next request','info');
Requires that there is data in the output buffer
Luthier CI adds the PHP Debug Bar code to the output buffer BEFORE it is processed and sent to the browser by the CodeIgniter Output Library. Therefore, it is necessary to have used the $this->load->view() function at least once, or to have explicitly defined an output buffer on which to work. echo statements DO NOT produce any internal output buffer. In addition, stopping the execution of the script with the die or exit functions will prevent PHP Debug Bar from being displayed.

Add external data collectors

To add an external data collector to the PHP Debug Bar instance, use the Debug::addCollector() method:

use Luthier\Debug;

Debug::addCollector(new MyCollector());