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Luthier is a PHP routing and authentication library trusted by hundreds of developers around the world with more than 30.000 installations since 2017

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Plugins for popular frameworks

Compatible with CodeIgniter and (coming soon with) Symfony

Easy installation and updates

Get Luthier with Composer. No manual or complex steps required.

Seamless integration

Minimal performance impact. It's still your application, just a way better!

# application/routes/web.php

use Luthier\Routing\Route;
use Luthier\Authentication\Authentication as Auth;


Route::group('dashboard', function(){
    Route::get('/', ['controller' => 'Foo@BarController'])
    Route::get('/profile', ['controller' => 'Bar@BarController'])

Improved routing

Write routes using a Laravel-like syntax: route groups, middleware, and much more!

# application/controllers/SimpleAuthController.php

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

use Luthier\Auth\SimpleAuth\Controller as BaseController;

class SimpleAuthController extends BaseController
    public function getSignupFields()
        return [ /* ... */ ];

Built-in authentication

Add a login form to your application in minutes with SimpleAuth!